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ABS Sensor Plate for PM Big Wheels

ABS Sensor Plate for PM Big Wheels


Want to run a big front wheel on your 2014-2015 FL model? Are you concerned the larger diameter is going to trigger an ABS warning light and DTC (diagnostic trouble code)? If you purchase a Performance Machine wheel, you can now set your worries aside.

Performance Machine prides itself on innovation. After extensive R&D, the PM engineering team has successfully developed a solution to the ABS code dilemma in the form of a new Calibrated ABS Sensor Plate. This new Calibrated ABS Sensor Plate allows the stock front wheel on the H-D touring models to be replaced with the popular big wheel sizes AND be compatible with the H-D ABS system even if you retain the stock rear wheel and tire! These larger diameter wheels include the 21×3.5, 23×3.5, 26×3.5, and the monster 30×4.0!!

Prior to the development of the PM Calibrated ABS Sensor Plate, installing a 21×3.5 wheel on the 2014-2015 H-D touring models required the additional purchase of specific rear wheel sizes with specific rear tire sizes to maintain factory ratios or the H-D computer would generate an ABS error code (DTC) indicating the system was not operating properly. On front wheel diameters greater than 21×3.5, there was no way to avoid triggering the ABS error code. The new PM ABS Sensor Plates recalibrate the front to rear wheel size ratio back to factory specifications allowing proper ABS functions and the elimination of ABS sensor codes.

This technology comes standard at no extra cost on all of our big wheels from now on – keeping the PM Forged Wheel portfolio the most intelligent and coveted motorcycle wheels in the world.



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