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Announcing the Big, Bad 26-inch Performance Machine Wheel

Announcing the Big, Bad 26-inch Performance Machine Wheel


 One thing we pride ourselves on here at Performance Machine is the variety of our offerings. Our product line consists of more than 15 unique motorcycle wheel designs and sizes. And that doesn’t even count our mind-boggling matching components.

So you can imagine what a big deal it is for us to come out with a big 26-inch wheel. It’s here, and we’re as giddy as a busload of schoolgirls being buzzed by a group of bikers on their way up to Sturgis. After all, it took hundreds of hours of testing and engineering to come up with a 26-inch wheel that meets our impossibly strict specifications.

To be sure, it’s not just one 26-inch wheel that we’re offering. We’re creating these big wheels for every one of our styles, including the popular Paramount, Heathen, Torque and Luxe wheels.

And as aggressive as these big wheels look on a bike, we’ve priced them just as aggressively, with an MSRP that is $100 less than anything offered by our competitors. For instance, our Contrast Cut Platinum (exposed aluminum is polished) wheel sells for $1,899.95. The chrome wheel runs $1,799.95, and the Contrast Cut (standard-exposed aluminum is not polished), is listed for $1,749.95. The polished version is $1,599.95. Try and match those prices and quality anywhere else.

Before you consider purchasing one of these 26-inch wonders, there are several things to keep in mind, including:

  • Top of the list is the fact that this is not a stock replacement wheel. You’re going to need to fabricate it yourself or find a kit online or from your local bike shop.


  • Make sure the kit adjusts the rake of the frame to plus-5 degrees over stock in order to accommodate the 26-inch wheel.


  • And you’re going to have to extend the neck forward and up two inches for clearance.


  • Finally, you’ll need to extend the length of your fork tubes and designate a fender of your own choosing.

That’s a lot of work in order to install this big beast, but what you end up with is, well, a big bad beast! Absolutely well worth the effort. We suggest you have an authorized Performance Machine dealer or qualified technician install this custom application, unless you’re a wizard at wrenching.

Questions about our new 26-inch wheels? Call us at (800) 479-4037 or email us at custserve@performancemachine.com.


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