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Breaking in Motorcycle Calipers and Brake Discs

Breaking in Motorcycle Calipers and Brake Discs


You’ve got brand new calipers and brake discs on your motorcycle (perhaps they came from Performance Machine) and it’s time to break them in. And, like just about everything else, there’s a right way and a wrong way to go about that task. Here’s how we recommend you break in motorcycle calipers and brake discs:

  1. First off, start your motorcycle and warm it up to the proper operating temperature.
  2. Find an empty stretch of roadway or a large, empty parking lot that provides enough room for you to accelerate to high speeds and brake safely.
  3. Perform six to 10 aggressive stops from 30 mph to zero, making sure you don’t come to a complete “dead” stop or lock the brakes while executing these stops.
  4. Next, perform another six to 10 aggressive stops — this time from 60 mph to zero. Again, do not allow the pads to remain stationary on the rotor.  Keep the bike moving and then reaccelerate for the next braking cycle.
  5. Once you’ve completed the pre-burnish stage, cruise around long enough to allow the brakes to completely cool. To burnish the brakes, perform 10 to 12 aggressive stops, accelerating to 45 mph this time and then stopping within 100 feet. Remember that these stops should be controlled and they should be consistent — avoid jerky or erratic braking.  A panic stop will damage the calipers and the discs.

Here’s a video of a quick test we performed.

Performing these simple maneuvers will result in the proper “bedding in” of the brakes, ensuring that your newly installed system will be reliable and safe.

If you purchased your calipers and brake discs from Performance Machine and have additional questions about breaking them in, feel free to call us at (800) 479-4037, or email our Tech Support team at tech@performancemachine.com.


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