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Britney Spears, Candies, Kohl’s, and a Performance Machine Motorcycle

Britney Spears, Candies, Kohl’s, and a Performance Machine Motorcycle


What would you do if Britney Spears asked if she could use your motorcycle in a photo shoot for the Candies line of clothing? Well, that’s exactly what happened to us, and here is how we responded:

It all started last November, when Summer Sands-Hoover, Vice President, Brand Manager, Performance Machine, Inc.

and General Manager, Roland Sands Design, received a late night phone call from a Hollywood executive that went something like this:

10:00 p.m.: The phone rings at Summer’s home… Ring Ring, Ring Ring, Ring Ring

Summer: Hello?

Hollywood Executive: Do you have a pink motorcycle we can use in a photo shoot first thing tomorrow morning?

Summer: Tomorrow morning? A pink motorcycle? Are you serious? It’s 10 o’clock at night and you want a bike first thing tomorrow morning?

Hollywood Executive: Yes, tomorrow morning!

Summer: That’s kinda short notice, don’t ya think!?

Hollywood Executive: Yes. It’s for a Britney Spears photo shoot for the Candies line of clothing, available exclusively at Kohl’s. We need the bike to be here, at Paramount Studios, first thing in the morning

Summer: Done. You had me at “..for a Britney Spears…”

And that was how it all started. Four months later and you can see our bike — aptly named “Pink Trash” — in a number of photos now being used to promote Candies and Kohl’s Department Stores exclusive multi-platform marketing partnership with Britney Spears. Here’s what the bike looks like sans Britney Spears:

Not a bad looking bike! It features the entire Contrast Cut line of parts, including the Platinum Torque Wheel, Contrast Cut Primary Belt Drive, Contrast Cut hand and foot controls, and the Contrast Cut Super Air Gas Cleaner.

We’re told the Candies / Spears campaign featuring Pink Trash will appear as a four-page insert in Seventeen magazine, as well as in other fashion magazines and billboards nationwide.

And in case anyone’s wondering, Performance Machine has a habit of naming each of custom bike, so this metallic pink creation was given the name “Pink Trash” long before the photo shoot appeared on our radar screen. Through the magic of Photoshop, however, the name — Pink Trash — was removed from the gas tank, which was probably a good idea!


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