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Performance Machine is the flagship brand, the original. Designed and manufactured in the USA; we are an icon. Forty years of experience is detailed in every product that moves through our state-of-the art manufacturing facility making its way onto two wheels. The Performance Machine brand represents luxury; clean, classic styling with an air of elegance backed up by the most rigorous testing in the industry.

So here we are, the first official post on the PM Blog!  Comment, subscribe, keep in touch to see what’s going on over here at PM.  We live and breath motorcycle parts everyday and  want to share our passion with you.  Manufacturing, New Product Development, Events, Custom Bikes, and Burn Outs in the cul-de-sac during our lunch hour…we’ll bring it all!

Performance Machine recently created our very own bike night in order to get some cool shots for our marketing goods. We hired a couple of sexy ladies who didn’t mind posing on PM bikes while Roland and his buddies rode circles around them. We couldn’t keep all the fun to ourselves so we invited Two Wheel Tuner Magazine to come out and cover the event. The result was one hell of a good time and a killer feature in the mag. Check out the photos!

Performance Machine’s passion for cutting-edge products has resulted in another radical Contrast Cut Finish. The Contrast Cut Stealth features an innovative, military grade, anodized coating that is the most durable any motorcycle wheel has ever seen. Contrast Cut Stealth derived its name from the muted, matte black nature of the finish. The black finish on the five directional spokes is machined away exposing the raw aluminum to create a wheel that will do anything but escape observation. The Stealth Finish is available on the Factor Wheel design in 2009.

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