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Check Out Our eBay Store for PM Parts With Indistinguishable Flaws

Check Out Our eBay Store for PM Parts With Indistinguishable Flaws


Look. Nobody said we’re perfect. Oh, we produce some mighty fine wheels on a regular basis, but every once in a while our quality inspection department will go ahead and reject a part that might have a tiny, nearly indistinguishable defect.

Most of those compromised products go right in the trash or recycle bin, but the ones with minor flaws that don’t affect performance are often set aside and offered up on the Performance Machine eBay Store.

Recently we added nearly 20 different wheels to our eBay store inventory stock, including four sets that are prepped and ready to slap on a specific bike. Most of our eBay offerings are just bare wheels and they require about three weeks to have hubs manufactured for them. That means as soon as a customer wins the auction and tells us the make and model of their motorcycle; we can get busy making hubs for their particular application.

Most wheels end up being priced at what assembly labor and a hub alone would cost — from $399 — so you can bet there are some crazy deals out there on the PM eBay Store. In fact, you can see what’s up for grabs right now by visiting http://stores.ebay.com/Performance-Machine-Inc?_rdc=1.

And get this. Some of the wheels on our eBay storefront are our most popular styles, including the Heathen Contrast Cut and the Torque Contrast Cut. And you can get the best savings on our wide wheels — those measuring 18-inches by 8.5-inches to 18-inches by 10.5 inches.  These wheels retail for around $1,600 and are often available from $399 (again — the cost of a hub & assembly).

In addition, we’ve got some brake discs and belt sprockets on the eBay store that are available for chump change. But trust us when we say we’ve never had this many blemmed wheels up for grabs at the same time. Check us out and put in a bid. This might be your lucky day!


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