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Colorful Anodized Attributes — Performance Machine Custom Finish Shop

Colorful Anodized Attributes — Performance Machine Custom Finish Shop


Just Watch This PM Video

If you want to see some really righteous custom finishes, click on the video below. There you’ll get a close-up view of a couple of dozen custom motorcycle wheel color options in living color — plenty of living color — in a video that touts Performance Machine’s custom shop finishes. Anodizing motorcycle wheels and parts is certainly nothing new to us here at PM. We’ve been doing it for so long that we can actually pronounce the word anodize.

All this magic takes place within the confines of our custom finish shop, where multiple options of colors and designs are available for your motorcycle. This video displays the variety of solid color faceplates or contrast cut or contrast cut platinum designs:

You might recall our blog post on this site last month that featured Jody Perewitz receiving her hot pink wheels from PM prior to heading out to Bonneville to chase some record speeds. Now that was a set of nice wheels!

In a nutshell, here’s how the PM anodizing process works:

  • The aluminum to be colored is submerged in sulfuric acid — not unlike a bad horror movie.
  • When the part is removed from its acid bath, we put it into the dye, penetrating the pores in the oxidized layer, which colors the part (the closest comparison we can come up with is the process your mom used in dyeing eggs).

Anodizing a part is far superior to powder coating, which is more like a paint job. In the case of powder coating, heat is involved. The powder coating is baked onto the part, which results in a finish that has the appearance of glossy acrylic paint. Unfortunately, that baked-on paint is much more susceptible to scratches.

Here are some fun facts about anodizing that you might not know:

  • NASA uses the process to protect satellites from the harsh environment of space.
  • In addition, the process is now being used on roofs, escalators, skyscrapers and commercial buildings because of its beauty and durability.
  • And it’s also considered to be environmentally safe, requiring a minimum of maintenance.

And absolutely none of this write-up addresses the stunning beauty of an anodized part. See for yourself. Click play on anodizing video above.


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