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Wheel Design 101

Wheel Design 101


The Contrast Cut Platinum Diesel Wheel Coming to Life

Hey – Jay T. here, Design Engineer at Performance Machine.  I hear that you were promised a behind the scenes look at what it takes to bring a Performance Machine wheel from a twinkle in my eye to your bike.

First, we start out by utilizing the most current and innovative 3D design software and pride ourselves in squeezing out every bit of its capabilities. Saying we use fancy software doesn’t mean anything unless we unlock all of its amazing capabilities. It is the combination of functions within the software — along with a great R&D process — that create a superior product. Performance Machine’s talented design engineers have a couple different approaches to design, often times sticking to their roots and hand-sketching concepts (no matter how good computers get, you can’t seem to replace the pencil).

Next, these concepts are brought out of the digital world via our 3D design software where we really get to see what the product will look like using photorealistic rendering technology. At this point, our Marketing team gets to give the thumbs up or thumbs down before we go any further. Once we get the thumbs up, it gets really fun.

Throughout the design process, the Performance Machine design and engineering team continually analyzes the structural integrity and function of the product using stress analysis and motion study software. In non-geek/engineer talk, that means we truly engineer a product to function as well as it looks. Once the team feels confident with the design, it’s time to use Performance Machine’s industry leading CNC machining capabilities, which are housed right here in our southern California facilities, to create a prototype that will be vigorously tested and scrutinized by not only our in-house testing lab, but a crew of very aggressive riders. Once testing is complete, Performance Machine’s new wheel design is ready to complete its journey through our machine shop and onto your bike.

Real World Testing

I hope you enjoyed this post. If so, feel free to leave a comment or two using the Comment link below, and next time you’re on the Performance Machine website, be sure to check out the Contrast Cut Platinum Diesel Wheel.


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