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Designing a Braking System for a Trike

Designing a Braking System for a Trike


The first stop for any new motorcycle part here at Performance Machine is our Research & Development department, where VP of Design, Roland Sands, and his hungry team of engineers and fabricators develop the iconic line of Performance Machine products. This elite team has the pleasure of dissecting well-built machines to determine where PM parts can be developed to improve the performance and the aesthetics of a stock motorcycle.

When Performance Machine’s new 2010 Tri-Glide arrived, R&D immediately went through our standardized stopping distance test, and before they even took it off the block, had already managed to boil the fluid in the rear brakes. So, preliminary testing came to an end and the Tri-Glide was assigned to a lift where the process of creating Performance Machine’s new Stage 1 Rear Trike Brake System began.

PM engineers combined our 4-piston caliper with the integrated race technology of our Rear Contour Master Cylinder to create an entirely new brake system for Trike applications. The result: Our 4-piston calipers provide more clamping force to slow the bike down, while the rear master cylinder provides the extra fluid to the big brakes. The braking power of the Stage 1 Kit eliminates brake fade and increases the stopping distance dramatically with less pedal effort, turning this fun machine into a real performer.

The Stage 1 Trike Brake System is offered in chrome, black, and contrast cut finishes starting at $1,399.95.


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