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DP Brake Pads Now Standard on all PM Calipers

DP Brake Pads Now Standard on all PM Calipers


Today we’re pleased to share that we’ve partnered with DP Brakes — known as a pioneer and industry leader in sintered metal braking technology — to fit DP brake pads as original equipment (OE) for all of Performance Machine’s motorcycle calipers.

This puts DP in a position as being the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for our calipers. Sintered metal brakes have become standard on about 95 percent of motorcycles and ATVs and they also form a large percentage of the aftermarket for bikes.

The technology fuses metallic particles together under extreme heat and pressure, and blends other elements to enhance the friction properties and wear life of brakes. As a result, sintered brakes last longer and handle the heat of heavy braking much better than standard brakes.

Our crews put DP’s brake pads through extensive Dyno and highway testing before determining that the performance of DP’s pads enhances both four- and six-piston brake caliper stopping distance and overall function. That means you – the motorcycle enthusiast and our customer – will experience fade-free performance under all conditions with the new setup. In addition, the DP pads on our calipers are quiet, dust-free and non-abusive to the rotors.

Motor on!


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