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Flipping the Switch on Energy Efficient Lighting

Flipping the Switch on Energy Efficient Lighting


When it comes to energy-saving programs, we decided to throw a little light on the subject. Actually, we took some light off the subject. And as a result of a massive voltage revamp, we figure we’re saving a whopping $50,000 a year in energy costs, not to mention playing our part to help solve the energy crisis.

Fifty thousand dollars is a lot of money that we can sink back into our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which includes more than 60,000 square feet of warehouse space, shops, testing labs and office space. The huge Performance Machine complex in La Palma, California, was created to keep everything in house, and that includes all of our design, testing, manufacturing and secondary operations.

As you can imagine, all that space under roof requires acres of amps. We started things off by replacing our old HID lighting with new energy efficient fluorescent high bay fixtures that reduce energy consumption by more than half. Adding to that cost-savings is the fact that the life of a fluorescent lamp is twice that of the old lights.

We switched out more than 80 metal halide high bay fixtures in the shop and another 175 T12 fixtures in the offices with energy efficient T5 lamps. And since we were getting carried away with the whole green thing, we even replaced our incandescent EXIT signs with more efficient LED signs.

More savings came in the form of occupancy sensors that shut off the lights in an area when nobody’s there. Prior to installing the sensors, we had times when an entire half of the plant was lit up like a Christmas tree during shifts when nobody was working.

As a result of these changes, the lighting quality throughout the entire facility is improved. We focused on better lighting in the work areas as well as in the warehouses in order to improve quality and output. That enables us to do better our job of presenting you – our customers – with the latest in wheel designs, calipers, hand and foot controls and bagger accessories.


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