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Free Shipping at Performancemachine.com

Free Shipping at Performancemachine.com


We’re lucky to have some of the most brand loyal customers around, and with that loyalty comes reward.

Here at Performance Machine, we understand the adrenaline rush and the sweaty palms you experience as you shop performancemachine.com and envision your motorcycle slathered with PM product. We get the mounting anticipation you experience just before clicking “place order” and realize you’ll soon have a package filled with some of the best motorcycle parts on the planet.

We also understand the bewilderment you may feel when your eyes navigate down the checkout page to the shipping charges (yes, billet aluminum can be quite pricey to box up and send across country). And here’s where the reward part comes in: Performance Machine will pick up the shipping tab on any orders over $99.00 placed at PerformanceMachine.com.

Whether you need of a set of Contour Renthal Wrapped Grips or a set of Contrast Cut Platinum Element Wheels for your bagger, shipping is now FREE.


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