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Have a Great 4th — We’ll Be Back Tuesday Morning

Have a Great 4th — We’ll Be Back Tuesday Morning


All of us at here at Performance Machine hope you have a wonderful Fourth of July holiday, because we sure plan to. We’re taking Saturday and Sunday off — but then again, we always take the weekend off. But this time around our staff gets a three-day weekend so we can celebrate the holiday on Monday.

We’ll be back in the shop at 8 a.m. sharp (PST) on Tuesday, July 5, and you can reach us in a number of ways at that time. The email address for support/service is tech@performancemachine.com. To reach our sales department, visit sales@performancemachine.com. And our landline is (800) 479-4037.

In the meantime, be sure to read some of our recent patriotic posts below this one, including PM Packs Up the ‘Pogey Bait’ for Our Adopted Platoon and PM Starts a Goodie Bag for Its Adopted Marine Platoon.

Then light up a sparkler for our troops. Hope to hear from you Tuesday!



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