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Limited Edition PM Anniversary ICONIC Aluminum Sign

Limited Edition PM Anniversary ICONIC Aluminum Sign


We’re gonna guess there aren’t many of you who would pass up a sticker to slap on your tool box or a poster or banner to proudly hang in your garage pledging allegiance to your favorite brand. But, does that one-dimensional, branded swag truly demonstrate the quality and craftsmanship behind the brand? Often times, not.

So, in honor of our 45th Anniversary we’ve decided to bring back our iconic billet sign! This sign was produced in billet throughout the 90’s and with a few new details we’re proud to bring it back for a limited time this year. Starting with a healthy chunk of blue anodized, billet aluminum our CNC machines skillfully carve our nostalgic PM wing logo into a historic, 30 inches long, one-of-a-kind piece that’s perfect for any office, garage, or man cave. It’s the perfect representation of what the PM brand is built upon – quality and innovation.


We are only taking orders until July 3 – so don’t miss this awesome opportunity. Price is $199! Email: marketingmedia@performancemachine.com to get yours ordered today.



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