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Meet the Team: Layla Gomez, PM Materials Manager

Meet the Team: Layla Gomez, PM Materials Manager


Welcome to the second installment of “Meet the Team.” Last time we posted in this category, you met our president, Mark Finnie. Today we’re pleased to introduce you to Layla Gomez, PM’s amazing and talented materials manager.

Layla has worked for Performance Machine for nearly a decade, and this year she received our most prestigious honor — PM’s President’s Award — during Employee Appreciation Day. –  If you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting her, here’s your chance… in Layla’s own words:

Performance Machine: Tell us about your history with Performance Machine.

Layla Gomez: I started out in our customer service department. I enjoyed working with the customers and taking care of their needs. I have been able to grow with the company and I am currently the materials manager. I oversee all of the purchasing, production planning and production scheduling. I consider my role as the ultimate customer service representative. It is my responsibility to make sure our lead times are as short as possible and that our stocked items are on the shelf. I am very proud that we have been able to reduce our lead times on wheels, discs and pulleys to three weeks (or less!). Every day is a challenge to juggle customer demand while maintaining inventory turns, production efficiency targets, and quality assurance, but together we make it work. I have a great team of people I work with and we all want to keep our customers happy.

PM: What is your favorite PM product?

LG: Definitely calipers. They are one of our mainstay products. When I moved into the Materials department from Customer Service, I started planning calipers. I really like the consistency of the product line. Over the years, we have improved our manufacturing processes and calipers are one of the smoothest flowing products through our shop.

PM: Tell us about one of your accomplishments this past year?

LG: One thing we implemented this year is our “custom” finishes for wheels. We’ve become a “have it your way” shop. We offer a variety of finishes on our wheels including chrome, contrast cut, platinum cut, stealth and colored anodize. But, not every pattern has been offered in every finish. I have set up a quotation system that allows our customer to place an order for a wheel in the finish of their choice — even if it’s not offered in the catalog. I work with sales to get these special orders in the system and through production. We have done Gold Platinum Cut Heathens or Stealth Cut Torques or Blue Anodized Dominoes. It’s fun for us to see our Image patterns in different finishes and it’s satisfying to know the customer is getting exactly what he or she want.

PM: What are you currently working on?

LG: Filling orders! My department is constantly working on reducing lead times and responding to customer demand. We have core products that we want to keep in stock at all times. We have been lucky so far this year with higher than projected bookings so the Materials group is making sure we are quickly responding to any stock outs. I’m also working with Engineering and R&D to get new products to market. We have some mid-year releases that we want ready for Sturgis in August.

PM: Do you ride?

LG: Heck no! Motorcycles are dangerous. But I take great pride in knowing our products keep riders safe on the road. I do ride a pink beach cruiser with a basket!

PM: What are you doing when you are not making parts?

LG: I spend a lot of time on the sidelines cheering on my kids. My children are involved in year-round football, baseball and cheer-leading. We are a big sports family. I even play on the PM softball team.

Meet the Team: Layla Gomez, PM Materials Manager


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