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Meet The Team: PM Customer Service Representative Cynthia Rosas

Meet The Team: PM Customer Service Representative Cynthia Rosas


Not everybody on the staff at Performance Machine is a hard-core motorcycle enthusiast. Sometimes we’re just fortunate to get solid employees who take pride in their job and the products they sell. Cynthia Rosas is as far removed from buying a tricked-out bike as she is from signing up for web design school. But she’s the first to admit that she gets excited when PM comes out with its new wheels each year. Now that’s a team member!

Meet Cynthia:

Performance Machine: How long have you worked at PM and what did you do prior to coming to work here?

Cynthia Rosas: I started working at Performance Machine six years ago as a receptionist, but quickly moved to the customer service department. Before working at PM, worked at Jiffy Lube for a couple of years, helping customers with the maintenance of their vehicles. I’ve always enjoyed helping customers — even if it meant getting my hands a little dirty from time to time.

PM: How is helping people in the motorcycle industry different from helping customers in the automotive industry?

CR: I’ve found that it’s a little more challenging working in the motorcycle industry. Most motorcycle people ride bikes as a hobby and they have a great passion for that hobby. As a result, they’re far more particular than customers in the automotive industry.

PM: What is your favorite PM product?

CR: I have to say I love our wheels and our unique and innovative finishes. The release of the new wheel styles is the most exciting time of the year for me. I look forward to hearing all the feedback I get from customers and seeing the end result.

PM: What does it take to be a good customer service representative?

CR: The two most important elements of being a good customer service representative are patience and product knowledge. Without implementing patience, our brand would suffer from a lack of quality service. And product knowledge is key when dealing with technical issues such as fitment.

PM: What do you do when you’re not helping customers at work?

CR: I try and enjoy my downtime with my family and friends. On the weekends, I enjoy working with our family business doing customer service retail.

PM: If you could get a customer service job anywhere in the world where would it be?

CR: I would like to work in New York. It seems challenging and I would love the opportunity.

PM: Do you ride?

CR: I wish! Working in the motorcycle industry has changed my outlook on motorcyclists. I don’t ride, but I did have the opportunity to ride on the back of our PM’s custom Springer Softail called Pink Trash!


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