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Meet the Team: Primitivo Vargas, PM Polisher

Meet the Team: Primitivo Vargas, PM Polisher


Last time on Meet the Team, we introduced you to Layla Gomez, PM’s Materials Manager and a recent recipient of our company’s President’s Award. Today, we’re happy to introduce you to our 2010 Employee of the Year, Primitivo Vargas, one of Performance Machine’s outstanding polishers.

As anyone who’s ever done it will attest, polishing is hard work. The environment is dirty, the safety equipment is hot and confining, and the work itself is extremely physical. To say we value the work of our polish shop would be the understatement of the century. Truly, it’s the craftsmanship that comes from people like Primitivo Vargas that help keep us ahead of our competition.  With those thoughts in mind, let’s meet Primitivo:

Performance Machine: How long have you worked at Performance Machine and what did you do prior to coming to work here?

Primitivo Vargas: I have worked at PM for 10 years. I have over 30 years of polish experience. Before PM, I worked as a polisher in the automotive industry.

PM: How is polishing motorcycle wheels different than automotive wheels?

PV: For starters, the quality standard at PM is much higher. We are very particular. Also the work at PM is exciting because we have so many different types of parts going through, from 18×13 wheels down to the smallest throttle housing or spacer. Every part has to be treated with care.

There are a variety of polish specifications depending on the finish. For example, even parts that will be black anodized need a good polish finish to ensure the proper quality after anodize.

PM: What is your favorite PM product?

PV: I love the look of our Platinum finish. They take a very steady hand and a lot of attention to detail but the mix of black and polish is beautiful. A platinum finish Luxe wheel is by far my favorite.

PM: What does it take to be a good polisher?

PV: You have to have the touch. It is a fine art. You have to like what you are doing. I love what I do and that is how I get good parts.

PM: What do you do when you are not polishing?

PV: I go to the gym and take care of my family. My wife and I have four daughters and two sons ranging in age from 13 to 33 yrs.

PM: Last question… If you could polish any one thing in the entire world, what would you want to polish?

PV: That’s easy… An Oscar Award statuette (I’ve often wondered who does that)!


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