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Performance Machine Trike Wheels

Performance Machine Trike Wheels


You could call riding a trike, growing old gracefully. We call it fun!  We never could have dreamed that three wheels could be so cool, but after hoisting an 800 lb. bagger off the ground a few times, three wheels starts to look like a damn good idea.

When the Performance Machine design and marketing team began to consider what our customers would demand in a trike wheel, there was one thing that was obvious…wheel #2 and wheel #3 had to be as aesthetically pleasing as wheel #1 up in the front. So rather than adapt a stock automotive forging for a motorcycle wheel (which far too many aftermarket manufacturers do), we developed a specially designed trike wheel blank to match our industry-leading forged motorcycle wheels. The result is a wheel package that will have you adding a trike to your bucket list.

With all the effort that goes into creating our wheel designs, we here at Performance Machine love to see as much wheel as possible. Our trike offering for Harley-Davidson bikes includes the stock replacement 15 x 5.5, or if you are one who likes to make a statement, you can upgrade to an 18 x 5.5, still keeping it all under the stock fender (if you choose to keep ‘em). For 2010, the Performance Machine trike wheel line includes the Wrath, Riviera, Torque, Heathen, and Luxe wheel designs. And of course, you can order the front wheel with matching components to create a complete PM trike package.

Inspired by our own designs, we decided that we needed a custom trike of our own. As you’ll see from the picture below, we started with a 2010 Harley-Davidson Tri-Glide and gave it our standard black out treatment along with a host of Contrast Cut products and the newest addition to our wheel line — the PM Luxe Trike wheel in Platinum Cut.

Wheels and no kickstand never looked so right!


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