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PM’s 2011 Catalog Ventures Into a Vintage Vargas Venue

PM’s 2011 Catalog Ventures Into a Vintage Vargas Venue


You don’t often think of a motorcycle parts catalog as a piece of art, but we’ve pulled out all the stops on the 2011 Performance Machine catalog — in fact, on our entire 2011 advertising campaign — with what many consider to be the epitome of vintage art.

We’re talking about Vargas girls. If you were born before World War II, you know what we’re talking about. Younger than that, and you’ve doubtless seen these curvaceous women in posters, magazines and art galleries. Alberto Vargas was a 1940s artist who created the “pinup girl” as we know it today.

Vargas achieved commercial success with his amazing lifelike and seductive paintings of beautiful young women. These brushstroke beauties were the inspiration for the delightful artwork on the noses of hundreds of WWII bomber aircraft. In fact, pin-up art was so much a part of the GI lifestyle that Glenn Miller added a song to his repertoire called “Peggy the Pin-Up Girl.”

Vargas’ pin-ups instill a deep pride in Americana with a timeless style that celebrates the appreciation of sheer beauty. And like his art, Performance Machine products are pieces of art for your motorcycle, celebrating a physical beauty that lasts forever due to superior engineering in the first place.

The women who model our products in the 76-page 2011 catalog bear the same unobtainable beauty as the Vargas girls from seven decades ago. Each of them complements the gracefully crafted chrome and aluminum PM products displayed on these pages — products that never compromise form and function.

You can order a free Performance Machine catalog by visiting here: http://performancemachine.com/Catalog.aspx). Or the catalog is available as a PDF for those who don’t want to wait for theirs to arrive by snail mail. Just visit: http://performancemachine.com/Assets/catalogs/PM_2011_catalog.pdf.


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