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The Cafe 48 | PM’s Facelift on a Trio of Bikes Includes Everything But the Lipstick

The Cafe 48 | PM’s Facelift on a Trio of Bikes Includes Everything But the Lipstick


Back in October we penned a blog post about a few new bikes purchased by Performance Machine for the purpose of showcasing two new PM parts and accessories highlighted in our 2011 catalog (see What Would You Do if You Were in Our Boots?).

Since that blog post ran, we added a third motorcycle to the equation. All three bikes have undergone extensive renovation in our continuing quest to find poster-perfect motorcycles that illustrate what Performance Machine products can add to your ride. These three bikes will also be used to assist us with the entire fitment we’re undertaking with new parts and products currently under development.

Since the bike buys last fall, we’ve built, photographed (for our 2011 advertising campaigns and catalog), and shipped these bikes to shows all across the country, including the recent V-Twin Expo and the Dealer Expo. In addition, they’ll be big features at a number of upcoming rallies and bike events.

Today’s post is the first in a three-part series detailing what we did to transform each of the three rides.

Shown here are “before” and “after” photographs of the 2011 Harley-Davidson Sportster 48, our first entry in this three-part series:

We outfitted this bike with the following PM parts:

  • 21″x2.15″ Chrome Paramount wheel
  • 16″x3.5″ Chrome Paramount wheel
  • Avon Speed Master tire (front tire)
  • Firestone dirt track tire – (rear tire) smaller narrower and nostalgic — unlike the habit nowadays of going wider, bigger and more modern.
  • Chrome Paramount Chain sprocket
  • FASTair Intake
  • 13″ and 11.5″ matching discs
  • Six-piston front caliper
  • Four-Piston 125×4 caliper and rear bracket
  • Contour Brake Master Cylinder
  • Contour Hand Controls Clutch Cylinder
  • Elite Grips
  • Single-button switches

In addition, we added the following RSD (Roland Sands Design) parts:

  • RSD 39mm clip ons
  • RSD Tag bracket (hybrid finish)
  • RSD fuel cap


When it comes to custom work, we didn’t skimp here either:

  • Extended swing arm: The swing arm was custom made (in fact, it took Jason the designer nearly eight hours to get it done). It was designed to look stock but the tail section was extended 2″ to create a “Drag Race” look. Most custom swing arms are obviously not stock and are purposely created to show off the designer’s handiwork. In this case Jason wanted the swing arm to look stock and keep you guessing.
  • Hand made tail section
  • The seat was handmade by Rich at Bitchin’ Seat Co., using Mercedes-Benz leather.
  • The paint was done by Matt at Color Zone – Jason’s instructions to Matt were pretty simple: “I want a paint job that will melt your face right off.”


Further Modifications

  • Progressive Suspension piggy-back 948 shock – modified to 10.5-inch (stock is 12- and 14-inch)
  • Tail section was handmade by Jun & Jason (PM’s R&D Dept.)
  • Speigler line kit (brake line, clutch line)
  • Storz Performance Rear -Sets (foot controls)

The builder of this particular bike is Jason Tiedeken, PM’s engineering manager. In describing the renovated Sportster 48, Jason said, ”This bike takes you back to a time in your life where your dad’s drinking a beer and racing the neighbor in a ’60s muscle car on his way home from picking you up from day care. It takes you back to a time when going fast was more important than what your kid ate for dinner!”

Part 2 of this series will appear next Tuesday in this same spot and will feature a renovated Fatboy Lo. Then stay tuned for the following Tuesday when we’ll highlight Part 3: A Drag Specialties Road King.



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