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PM’s Front Axle Kit Upgrade

PM’s Front Axle Kit Upgrade


Here at Performance Machine the new-product process is continuous. In fact, it’s never-ending. In addition to maintaining our industry-leading standards — including presenting you with a product line that you’ve come to expect from us — we are constantly feeding new products into the pipeline. Our design engineers work non-stop with the sales and marketing teams to tap into what our customers are asking for and to develop and test innovative, new products for release to the aftermarket each February at our dealer shows. But, sometimes we get antsy. We just can’t wait for a new February to roll around before introducing a new product. And the latest product that has our pulse pounding is the Performance Machine Front Axle Kit. Sure, it’s mid-July, but it must be February somewhere! It’s our mission to improve upon style and performance when it comes to high-end motorcycle accessories. And believe us when we say we’ve stared many an unsightly axle bolt in the face over the past four decades that we’ve been installing wheels. So we’re understandably proud to say that PM can help you clean up the look of your front end with our new Front Axle Kit, which comes complete with an axle and two stylish CNC-machined bolts to cap it off. How can you improve upon an axle, you ask? Good question! Check out some of these product features:

  • Manufactured from high-strength, corrosion-resistant 316 stainless steel
  • High-quality materials eliminate the need for a corrosion-resistant coating, which results in a more precise fit and increased strength
  • High-grade stainless steel offers the bonus of a satin finish or a beautiful show polish to match your fork legs

Easy installation Performance Machine Axle Kits are available for 2000-2010 Touring Models and start with a retail price of $149.95. Check out our dealer locator for a dealer near you, or order direct with free shipping at www.performancemachine.com.


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