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PM Big Truck Setup at Street Vibrations in Reno,NV

PM Big Truck Setup at Street Vibrations in Reno,NV


This weekend more that 25,000 fellow motorcycle enthusiasts will be making their way to the Street Vibrations fall rally in downtown Reno, Nevada and our big truck will be there to bear witness to all the fun and excitement! Street Vibrations is the 4th largest motorcycle event in the entire nation, having started yesterday September 21st and extending through September 25th.

As usual, our truck will be carrying our wheel display, showing off all of our classic wheel designs in all of our finishes, including custom color, but we will also be offering our new FASTair intake solution and Elite Grips, be sure to catch a glimpse of those!

If you’ve had your fill of checking out the bikes on display, saunter on over to Harrah’s Reno Plaza to rock out to the likes of Cream of Clapton or Skynnyn Lynnyrd, who will be playing alongside other tribute bands such as Unauthorized Rolling Stones on Saturday, September 24th.

Not enough of a thrill for you? Okay, tough guy how about entering in the arm wrestling contest at the Reno Ballroom on Saturday, September 24th? Competition starts at 1pm with a $20 entry fee and is open to men and women of various weight classes. So twist that cap backwards and practice your grip, because back in his home state of Wisconsin, our truck driver Larry (Code name: Cobra) was an arm wrestling champion.



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