PM Goes Pink for Jody Perewitz’s Salt Flats Record Run


Jody Perewitz is well versed in the art of creating buzz. She’s the marketing coordinator for Perewitz Cycle Fabrication in Bridgewater, Mass., and the daughter of Dave Perewitz, the legendary custom motorcycle builder. Seems Jody’s been surrounded by gears and grease her entire life, and where we come from, that’s a good thing!

Many people credit Jody with taking the Perewitz name to its elevated status as an instantly recognized bike-building brand. But it’s not all PR and press releases for this 28-year-old entrepreneur. Jody’s had a hand in building a number of motorcycles out of the Perewitz Cycle Fabrication shop, including a 1963 Harley-Davidson Panhead that gained tons of media attention.

In addition, Jody found time to co-author the book, Dave Perewitz: Chopper Master and King Of Flames, and created and writes for the Perewitz blog at

And now this daughter of a motorcycle-building icon is preparing to become the third — and youngest — woman to break the 200 mph speed barrier at the Bonneville Salt Flats. You’ll never guess who’s going to help outfit her one-of-a-kind bike. That’s right, the Performance Machine team. We’ve designed the lightweight Pink-Ops Assault wheels you see here, as well as custom hand controls and a PM brake system — a six-piston caliper and a 13-inch rotor. All designed to hurl this female racer across the flats in no time at all.

To learn more about Jody Perewitz and her attempt to break the 200 mph speed barrier using Performance Machine parts and accessories, visit the Team JWitz Page on Facebook.

Lightweight Assault Wheels - Pink Ops

Lightweight Assault Wheels - Pink Ops



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