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PM Parts Made to Match Your FL Touring Model Harley

PM Parts Made to Match Your FL Touring Model Harley


Everybody knows that Performance Machine has set the standard for quality in the motorcycle parts industry, from creating designs and then testing them to manufacturing the parts and testing them again.

So it’s no big surprise that we produce superior parts and accessories for Harley-Davidson’s FL Touring Models that add class and quality to any Harley — from a brand-new bike just off the showroom floor to a rusting relic that’s “tore up from the floor up.”

So, which of our FL products best tie that bike together? The obvious answer is wheels — our specialty. But next on that list would be matching brake discs, a belt sprocket and our Super Gas air cleaner. All these parts are made to match and complement our other components, such as our fuel door covers and bag latches.

In fact, that’s one of the things that sets us apart from the other parts manufacturers. Many of those folks offer a hodgepodge of accessories that aren’t manufactured to the same high quality stands we use, and do not necessarily connect visually with each other — creating, for instance, a bike with flames on the fuel door and maybe bag latches with grinning skulls. No theme there. Our products are designed to fit together in a consistent visual manner. And that’s important for riders who can only buy parts when their budget permits.

Our customers often ask us to help them prioritize their purchases with, say, a $500 budget. To us, that’s an easy decision. For under five bills, you can get our FL brake lever at $149.95, the FL shift lever at $89.95, FL bag latches at $149.95 and, of course, our Renthal Wrapped grips at $99.95. What these specific parts do is instantly give your bike a transformed look. And the best news? Anybody with basic mechanical skills can slap these on your bike. And they’re available in either black or chrome.

Our products are always designed with form and function in mind. For example our Renthal Wrapped Grips feature real Renthal rubber — and believe us when we say no one else in the industry offers real Renthal rubber. Our grips are designed to keep hand fatigue down because we use a grip that is 1.25 inches in diameter — the smallest you can find. This provides a more controlled grip that cuts down on vibration, which in turn, means less hand fatigue. Plus, like all our parts, it looks great on your bike!

If you’re sprucing up your FL and you’re wondering what PM parts can best do the job, here’s a list of what’s offered. Any one of these accessories can only add value to your ride:

For more information, visit our parts and products sections at www.performancemachine.com.


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