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PM Tech Info Pages Get a Complete Facelift

PM Tech Info Pages Get a Complete Facelift


You’ve probably seen the cartoon that shows a couple of animated characters sitting on a couch and a caption that reads, “One of these days we’ve just got to get organized.”

Well, here at Performance Machine, we felt the same way about the tech information pages on our website. So our tech crew rolled up its sleeves and dug in. We replaced old install sheets with new information and added a dozen or so new instruction sheets to the website. We’re talking a total facelift here. A complete renovation. Update city.

Our techs even organized the installation instructions with a product category image for each part. For instance, instead of just a general “caliper” category, the install sheets were broken out, with separate instructions for front calipers and another set for rear calipers. Others — like our FL Axle Kit — have only a single fitment, so these link directly to the .pdf file for easy downloading.

And if that wasn’t enough, every install sheet has been updated with a clause that refers questions about installation directly to our technical department — complete with phone number (800-479-4037.)

Prior to the refurbish, our tech info page read like this:

Anti-Rattle Spring 6 piston caliper Contour Hydraulic Clutch Slave Housing Contour Floorboards FL 4 Piston Rear Differential Bore Brake Image Series Discs Image Series Pulley 3 button switches 5 Speed Phatail Kit 6 Speed Phatail kit PhatRod wide wheel kit.

Kind of all over the place, wouldn’t you agree? A little unfocused, with no clear visual direction. But we’ve fixed that.

Not only that, but we’ve updated our Technical Supplement link with our 2010 Dealer Supplement, something that was requested by many of our dealers but is also useful for our retail crowd. That section includes technical information such as fitment and part numbers that aren’t offered in our catalog.

And speaking of our dealer catalog, we’ve tossed that onto the Web, too, as well as a .pdf version of our 2010 Performance Machine catalog for “civilians.” Coming soon to the tech info site will be TUV papers and a completely updated Clean and Care section.

To take a look at our new and improved technical information section, visit http://www.performancemachine.com and click on Tech Info.


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