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PM Wins the Gold for Its Vintage Vargas Vignettes

PM Wins the Gold for Its Vintage Vargas Vignettes


When someone tells you that you’ve won an award for your print ad campaign from the folks at Creativity International Awards, that’s a really big deal. And then when they say you’ve won the coveted Gold Award from a panel that only selects the best designs, advertisements and commercials from around the globe, you might as well stand at the front of the ship and shout, “I’m the King of the World!”

For Performance Machine, this year’s winning Gold Award targeted our “Timeless Style, Steadfast Engineering” campaign that highlighted our 2011 PM catalog and print advertising placements. And doubtless what caught the collective eye of the judges was the Vargas Girl theme that permeated our colorful designs — literally from front to back.

The half-dozen digital ads submitted for the contest featured voluptuous models, dressed and posed as the famous pin-up girls from World War II. They were known as Vargas Girls after Alberto Vargas, the artist. These curvaceous women adorned posters, magazines and art galleries in the early 1940s, and Vargas’ work later became the epitome of vintage art.

The Creativity International competition works off of a strict scoring method, and awards are only presented to the top 10 percent of entries submitted. Our winning ad campaign was featured at the American Advertising Federation Conference last month and will be published in the 400-page Creativity Annual Awards Book next year with all the other winners.

The trophy lauds the work of Performance Machine, Jim McGill Photography and Andy Meadors Branding. The campaign represents the culmination of a creative vision, quality products, and a strong marketing message.

If you’d like to see our award-winning catalog, you can visit the Creativity Awards site at http://www.creativityawards.com/41A_Digital_Magazine_Consumer.php. Or better yet, you can order a free catalog by visiting http://performancemachine.com/Catalog.aspx. If you want the catalog as a PDF, just visit http://performancemachine.com/Assets/catalogs/PM_2011_catalog.pdf.



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