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Pouring Platinum Diesel into the Streets

Pouring Platinum Diesel into the Streets


As part of our ongoing rollout of the highest quality motorcycle wheels available, today we’re pleased to announce the availability of the  Contrast Cut Platinum Diesel Wheel, the latest wheel from our RSD brand to offer Performance Machine’s exclusive Platinum Cut styling.

What is Platinum Cut you ask? First, Performance Machine’s Contrast Cut Finish is achieved by machining a wheel pattern starting from a solid black anodized blank.  The exposed, raw aluminum in the design against the black ano creates the Contrast Cut Finish.  The Contrast Cut Platinum Finish takes the process one step further by polishing the exposed aluminum for an even more dramatic contrast.  For those of you who need a visual, check out this 42-second video from RSD.

So, now that you’ve seen the finished product I bet you are wondering what it takes for Performance Machine to produce such a stunning wheel?  Check back in on Tuesday for a walk through of our Engineering process hosted by Design Engineer, Jay T.


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