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Quality Beyond the Surface: Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM)

Quality Beyond the Surface: Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM)


Performance Machine has been setting quality standards in the motorcycle aftermarket with our industry leading wheels, brakes, controls and accessories since 1970. Our philosophy about quality extends beyond the shiny surfaces of our product line and into the veins of every process and procedure within our organization. Although the beauty factor can often take center stage when it comes to Performance Machine products, we’re not just another pretty face. It’s quite literally what’s underneath that separates PM from any other company in our space.

One of the integral tools in the PM quality lab is the Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM). By measuring standardized critical points for each product, this metrology tool ensures that each Performance Machine product is manufactured to engineering print specifications.

The CMM is a multi-axis device that accurately records the X, Y and a Z coordinate of a product’s features right down to the microns (1/1,000,000 meter), and then compares the results against the design or drawing intent. These types of measurements are taken with the use of an articulating probe that is manually controlled by an operator or by the use of a joystick — much like a video game controller. The CCM can also be programmed to repeatedly measure components via direct computer control (DCC), just like an industrial robot. We thought you might appreciate a visual on this one, so go ahead and check out this video of our CMM in action as it measures up a Performance Machine 4-Piston caliper half.

After the CMM completes its process, a comparison report is generated and reviewed by a Performance Machine quality assurance specialist. The report highlights any specifications that have deviated from the engineering print. Ensuring that all products are machined to the most strict manufacturing standards guarantees your PM product’s fit and function once it has been manufactured, plated, assembled and installed on your motorcycle.

While many factors (including customer service and tech support, styling, and having our fingers the pulse and heartbeat of the motorcycle industry, just to name just a few) contribute to making Performance Machine the leading manufacturer of wheels, disc brakes and accessories for motorcycles, it’s our commitment to quality beyond the surface that really sets us apart.


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