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Reaction to the 2010 Advertising Campaign

Reaction to the 2010 Advertising Campaign


Just like our industry-leading disc-brakes and wheels, reaction to our 2010 advertising campaign has been swift and forceful. However, unlike our highly admired and sought-after products, people either love or hate our latest ad campaign. Honestly, we don’t know what all the fuss is about.

On the one hand, 99 percent of the feedback we’ve received has been positive (think smiling faces and happy thoughts and comments). But still, as the old adage goes, you can’t please 100 percent of the people 100 percent of the time. On that note, our Sales & Marketing Manager, Kelli Murrow, received a phone call from the Women’s Outreach Manager at one of the world’s largest American V-Twin motorcycle companies, who called to say that we had completely missed our demographic, that the ads are demeaning to women, and that the first ad in the campaign placed the woman in an extremely submissive position. “Don’t you know that it is our job to portray women as powerful,” Kelli was told.

After listening to her grievances, Kelli assumed she would be able to explain PM’s position but was promptly shut down and told that our position didn’t matter. And so the conversation ended as abruptly as it started.

Had this particular Women’s Outreach Manager at one of the world’s largest American V-Twin motorcycle companies taken the time to hear Kelli out, here’s what Kelli would have shared:

Performance Machine wanted to completely revamp the direction of our ad campaign in 2010. PM has been primarily responsible for the look of our competitor’s ads for the last several years (a lot of our competitors like to model their ads off of our direction). Anyway, we wanted to be different again and figured our 40th Anniversary was a great excuse to step out of the box and bring mainstream advertising in to the motorcycle industry.

When you look at the ads and compare PM product to the female anatomy it should be taken as the highest form of a compliment: Amazing Lines, Intelligent Design, Cutting Edge!

Our goal was to create an edgy, innovative campaign that highlighted our core competencies. We didn’t want a lot of text; we wanted to make a statement. We centered the campaign on artistic, sexy photography using high-end product shots and beautiful women to create innuendos that related to our product line.

We wonder what she will think of the upcoming ads!


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