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Chris Rivas, World Record Holder

Chris Rivas, World Record Holder

Chris Rivas, of Chris Rivas, set a new World Record at this year’s Bonneville Speed Week.  Chris set the new 3000cc MPS-PG Record at 159.62 MPH.  Chris accomplished his run on a 1999 FLTR with 135 cubic inch stock engines cases.  Chris was able to hold on at top speed thanks to his PM Contour Renthal Rubber Wrapped Grips.  “The bike was flawless at a 165 MPH and stopped on a dime with PM Brake Calipers.” said Chris.  The stock brake configuration on this model comes with dual 4-piston calipers.  Chris’ bike was set up with a single 13″ disc configuration with a six-piston brake caliper which is a testament to the stopping power of PM Brakes.


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