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Smack in the Middle of Sturgis — with New PM Wheels on Display!

Smack in the Middle of Sturgis — with New PM Wheels on Display!


It’s been tough getting to sleep at night with thoughts of Sturgis banging around in our heads. Memories of loud and shiny machines, the smell of campfires below mountains covered in ponderosa pine, thousands of bikers arriving in a steady stream, with girlfriends and wives proudly perched on the back of some of the finest machines running on two and three wheels.

There are a lot of us here at Performance Machine who have experienced the Sturgis Rally year after year, and we all pretty much agree that that this event is the highlight of the motorcycle-riding season. And the 2011 version has finally arrived, promising to be every bit as adventurous as last year’s rally, the year before that and on and on ad infinitum.

The first Sturgis Rally was put together in a very informal manner way back on Aug. 14, 1938, by the Jackpine Gypsies Motorcycle Club. It featured a total of nine motorcycle riders participating in a single race, and a small crowd that gathered to watch them compete.

That’s a far cry from the hundreds of thousands of riders and spectators who roll into this small South Dakota town each August — many visiting this motorcycle Mecca for the very first time ever. And it’s been that way every year since the late 1930s, taking a break during World War II so we could wrap up business in Europe and the South Pacific.

We’re here now, comfortably situated in our 18-wheeler and PM tractor outside the Black Hills Harley-Davidson dealership on the west side of town near the hills (2820 Harley Drive Rapid City, SD is the exact address for those of you GPS’ing it). And believe us when we say the strange, the wild, the beautiful and the bizarre are arriving in Sturgis in droves.

It’s a reminder that Sturgis is a must-go event for anyone who’s ever owned a Harley. Even if they go only once in their lives. This 11-day spectacular is a “bucket list” contender if there ever was one.

And what do we bring to the party? Most important, we’re going to be announcing a new wheel design at Sturgis. It’s Performance Machine’s brand new Shock Wheel, available in a polished, contrast cut, contrast cut platinum (polished exposed aluminum) and chrome, as well as custom shop finishes.

And if that’s not enough to hike your heartbeat to dangerous levels, we’ve got more. This year, we’re placing on display our new Performance Machine 48 Sportster and 2011 Harley-Davidson Fatboy LO, outfitted with the new Paramount and Seven wheel designs, and much more.

We’re all set up in the PM Big Truck, with Big Larry — our driver and a PM sales rep when on the road — offering information on show specials. Go see Larry for a catalog and a poster. We’ll be outside our big rig from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. today through Aug. 14.

Drop by and see our killer new wheels!


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