Stop on an X – 4 & 6 Piston Calipers


Whether you ride hard or not, properly halting your machine is pretty important. With Performance Machine’s intelligent and proven engineering dipped in Xtreme Machine’s X-like styling, these calipers are both brawn & beauty.


How do you come to a screaming halt Xtreme style? Bolt-on one of the new XM four or six piston calipers! You know by now that all XM products are manufactured by PM and we’ve got some Xperience in the braking department. We’ve taken our proven PM internals and wrapped them with an Xtreme body for the perfect combo of PM performance with XM aesthetics.

Browse all XM 4 & 6 Piston Motorcycle Brake Calipers.

Check out the Front 6 Piston Motorcycle Brake Caliper.

Check out the Front 4 Piston Motorcycle Brake Caliper.

Check out the Rear 4 Piston Motorcycle Brake Caliper.


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