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The Definition of Luxe

The Definition of Luxe


luxe [looks, luhks; Fr. lyks]luxurious, deluxe, elegant, and sumptuous

That’s how the dictionary defines our latest creation, the Luxe Wheel. Take a look at the images below… the Luxe is one sumptuous wheel, isn’t it? So luxe in fact, we believe the folks over at Merriam-Webster — America’s foremost publisher of language-related reference works — might just be interested in placing a picture of the Performance Machine Luxe Wheel next to the very definition of luxe itself!

One of our 10 or so new products for 2010, the PM Luxe Wheel features what can only be described as a timeless design. The 5 carved spokes that emerge from its hub seamlessly split and melt back into the smooth lip of the rim. To top it off, dramatic machine grooves on the outer rim lip result in one vastly sublime motorcycle wheel!

Naturally, a wheel as elegant as the Luxe is deserving of Performance Machine’s Contrast Cut Platinum finish (also pictured above). The detail of the Contrast Cut Platinum finish is accentuated by the contrast of the black ano and polished finishes, which ultimately create several points of reflection when the wheel’s in motion.

Pricing for the Luxe wheel is the same as that for the Element, and as you would expect from us, it comes with a host of functionally stylish matching components, including discs, sprockets, and Super Gas Air Cleaner (all pictured below).


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