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We Get Mail — And Some of it is Pure Art

We Get Mail — And Some of it is Pure Art


Like many of the requests we receive each day for our catalogs, the one we’re writing about today came by snail mail. Only in this case, the sender went to great lengths to illustrate his point. Beautifully hand-drawn on the front of the envelope is this stock car racer, reared up, back tires smoking and fire blasting from the exhaust pipes. The entire car visibly vibrates with anticipation.

A check of the return address confirms that the person seeking one of our catalogs is a full time resident of North Carolina’s penal system (his name has been redacted for security reasons). We occasionally receive requests from prison inmates for catalogs, but this one struck a chord because of the talent that went into the detailed artwork on this envelope “canvas.”

We couldn’t help but think about the poor souls in this country who make mistakes in life, focusing their talents in the wrong direction and ending up suffering the consequences of their bad decision-making. Here is a person with some fairly obvious skills who took a wrong turn at one point in his life. Hopefully, the consequences of his actions will be paid in full and he chooses a path that takes advantage of his talents.

If nothing else, it gives pause to the rest of us — some who could have easily eased over to the dark side — to thank our lucky stars for the freedoms we enjoy.

OK. That’s enough reflection for today. We’re climbing down from the pulpit and heading back to the shop.


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