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Why It Sometimes Takes Longer to Receive Your PM Order

Why It Sometimes Takes Longer to Receive Your PM Order


In the 40 years we’ve been manufacturing custom motorcycle products and accessories, we’ve learned to listen to and appreciate the value of customer comments and feedback. One comment we’re used to hearing pertains to how long it takes from the time you place an order for customized Performance Machine wheels and matching components to when that order arrives. Suffice to say, time to manufacture customized products is a big part of the equation, and that’s what today’s blog post is all about.

There are many clichés and quotes about “quality” and “handcraftsmanship” that we could insert at this point, but we’d rather take this opportunity to share with you – the one who waits so patiently for the day when your local PM dealer calls to let you know your packages have arrived and it’s time to schedule your bike on a lift – why it sometimes take a little longer to receive your order.

Performance Machine forged wheels — as well as  any design matched Image Series components such as rotors, sprockets, and air cleaners — are made to order in our 60,000 square foot facility right here in La Palma, CA, USA. That’s right, manufacturing, secondary operations, packaging and distribution all happens under our own roof.

Our manufacturing philosophy is centered on the “one-piece flow” process. If you’re unfamiliar with it, the concept of one-piece flow is based on the intentional moving of one product at a time between different manufacturing operations. The benefit to this type of manufacturing includes the ability to maintain high quality with shippable product at the end of a work shift. In other words, production is increased and bottlenecks are decreased because our shop floor isn’t bogged down with large numbers of components moving through the shop without their counterparts to build a complete part.

Often, people wonder why would an industry leader like Performance Machine make so many specific products to order and, why don’t we have oodles of products lined up and ready to send out the door at a moment’s notice?  The reason for our approach to manufacturing is based on the nature of the product line. Simply put, there are four different variables that are considered for one wheel order:

  • Design
  • Application
  • Size
  • Finish

Since we offer more than 15 different wheel designs with 5 finishes to choose from for 14 sizes and over 20 years of applications, attempting to stock exactly what each and every customer requires without building a huge inventory would be nearly impossible. (Keep in mind that the one-piece flow philosophy does not apply to all Performance Machine product groups. Several of our core products, such as Brake Systems, Contour Controls, and accessories, are stocked and on the shelf anxiously awaiting your order.)

The Bottom Line is this: We understand your enthusiasm for PM products, as well as for wanting our products to appear on your bike sooner rather than later. Our reputation, however, is built on manufacturing the highest quality customized parts and accessories available on the market today and that sometimes takes longer.


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