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Wickedly Warm Harley Night at the Costa Mesa Speedway

Wickedly Warm Harley Night at the Costa Mesa Speedway


As another wickedly warm summer evening descended upon Southern California on August 20th, the Costa Mesa Speedway roared to life once again, deeper and more guttural than usual. While the motorcycles that normally tear around the flat dirt track are 500cc, that night was the second Harley Night of the season, opening up the track between the main races to any Harley owner who wanted to show the crowd what they have. One rider mounted a camera to his horned helmet to capture his quest for victory (or Valhalla):

The races are fast-paced, riders skidding around corners at a breakneck pace, spraying dirt and debris over the low track walls; blink and you miss a lap. Dare to yawn, and the race is over, with the next group assembling at the ticker tape start line. (Of course, with action so close you might be tempted to reach out and touch the riders as they whiz by, there is no cause for yawning.) It’s not all just flat track races though. If you’re lucky, you might catch the positively unreal sidecar races, which always have more than one audience member following through their fingers as the drivers tear around the corners with seemingly little concern* for the monkey clinging to the side.

But it’s not just about engines and racing and getting sprayed with dirt kicked up from the track, friends and family are there to mingle, buy a round and cheer on their own friends and favorites. Children dart in and out of their parents legs and it’s easy to spot which little one wants to grow up to race motorcycles. The Performance Machine family had their own friends to catch up with this last weekend; it was great seeing the Hellhound crew in the pits after the races were finished!

We here at Performance Machine are very proud to sponsor the Coast Mesa Speedway in its’ 43rd season; it’s not just about seeing our banner hanging in the stands, but to be in the position of supporting a local institution with deep roots in the community has proven to be an awesome and humbling experience.

The Speedway crew now has their own Youtube channel, so if you can’t make your way out towards Costa Mesa, you can check out all of the exciting action from the comfort of your own home: http://www.youtube.com/user/2011speedway

The main event from Harley Night:

*Rest assured that the drivers do, in fact, care very much about their partners



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