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XM Catalog Gets a GOLD

XM Catalog Gets a GOLD


Xtreme Machine received a GOLD American Advertising Award for the “Find Your FREEDOM” 2015 Catalog. This highly proclaimed award only gets handed out once a year to the best of the best advertising campaigns and marketing collateral in Southern California and nationwide.


Every year Xtreme Machine designs a new advertising campaign for the current marketing message. This year’s theme was about the freedom of choice we have to make our factory-made production bikes unique with our own flavor and stand out from the stock, and the boring. Scroll down and read the catalog’s opening statement below – that pretty much sums it up…


Anyway, enough patting ourselves on the back. We think you’ve got the idea now that our brand’s marketing and branding is creative, bold, cool and inspiring.

If you haven’t yet – request a FREE XM 2015 Catalog here. For more information about Xtreme Machine Motorcycle Products, click here.

Lastly, did you notice Performance Machine receiving Silver awards for their Catalog and Advertising Campaign, and a Silver for XM’s Advertising Campaign? DO you want more to see?! Request a FREE PM 2015 Catalog here. Check out PM’s Super Sexy Print Ad Campaign. Or check out XM’s Crazy Sexy and Bold Print Ads here.


Creative Credits:

Creative and Art Director – Andy Meadors

Photographer – Shannon Brooke

Model – Lourdes Dodds

Hair/Makeup – Jennifer Corona

Stylist/Clothes – Junker Designs

PM & XM Sales and Marketing Director – Kelli Murrow



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