Get Your 2012 Performance Machine Catalog Today!


Have you experienced the tactile pleasure of thumbing through a 2012 Performance Machine Catalog of your own? If you haven’t, after today you have absolutely no excuse for not doing so, thanks to the wholly revamped catalog request line via our website

[insert picture of catalog/catalog cover]

Just go here, if you are a resident of the United States, and fill out all of the applicable fields to receive not only our catalog, but an insert for our Custom Finish Shop displaying the colors and finishes that we are now able to provide. (To refresh yourself on the ins and outs of the Custom Finish Shop, revisit our blog post on the subject.)

Perhaps you are an international fan of Performance Machine, no worries, we have you covered too! In order to receive a catalog, contact your PM distributor (a list of distributors is available on our website) and place your request with them.

But maybe you need to see the catalog right NOW. That’s understandable, we get excited about our new parts too, and in response to the urgent and the impatient, we have a couple options: Choose between reading the catalog on Flash-enabled devices here  or download the catalog in PDF file form for future perusing when the boss’ back is turned.

Whatever your situation, we have you covered, so what are you waiting for? Get your catalog today!



  1. I requested a catalog twice to be sent by maill but have not received one, Please let me know if you need further information or should I rerequest one again? Thanks for your help.

  2. I own a 1976 HD Super Glide FXE and need to know what is the PM part number for a new chrome 4 piston brake caliper that has a 11.5 ” rotor (Disc) on the rear wheel hub.
    The 4 piston brake caliper and 11.5″ rotor that is presently on the wheel is destroyed and needs to be replaced.

    Please call me on my cell 413-348-8979 or land line 413-568-6828.

    I would really apprciate your reponse.
    Thank You, Gary

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