We are pleased to announce the launch of the brand spanking new website for Xtreme Machine. Finally, eager customers can browse the selection of wheel designs, check out prices and fitment, and choose from multiple finishes in order to truly customize their rides with Xtreme Machine’s trademark aggressive style.

Xtreme Machine products are still undergoing rigorous quality testing, and will be available in their entirety in January 2012 (call for current availability), but for now fans can check out which designs will be offered and begin to decide whether they want to cruise down the street sporting chrome, black or black cut with matching rotors and belt sprockets. Additionally, in 2012, the website will feature the full line of Xtreme Machine products, including accessories such as air cleaners, grips and exhaust tips.

Fitment and application information is available, along with pricing, just in time to be placed on a wish list or two for the upcoming holidays. And if you still find yourself wondering whether that wickedly sleek Stiletto wheel will be able to fit your bike, the website has the contact information needed for you to be put in touch with a knowledgeable technical and sales support staff.






  1. do you have photos of your cnc machine shop.I am a cad and cnc machine student designer here in detroit michigan at henry ford community college and college for creative studies for transportation designs.I would like to get in the industrie and work with cad and cnc machine or were do I go see your cnc machine shop facility photos.from jamal smith

  2. Got my xtreme custom cycle wheels installed and they turn heads everywhere I go.i have the shredder design with matching rotors,pulley,and air cleaner.Thanks for making my bike the jewel of the city! I highly recommend shopping here,they will treat you right!

    Sincerely,Michael Peterson

  3. Can you please send me a catalog for Harley mag wheels ?
    I am looking into for a special design or even unique model.



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