PM Does Bike Night


Performance Machine recently created our very own bike night in order to get some cool shots for our marketing goods. We hired a couple of sexy ladies who didn’t mind posing on PM bikes while Roland and his buddies rode circles around them.

We couldn’t keep all the fun to ourselves so we invited Two Wheel Tuner Magazine to come out and cover the event. The result was one hell of a good time and a killer feature in the mag. Check out the photos!







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  1. Hello,Nice wheels but can you tell me where i can get the wide fenders to go with the wheels.I’m currently building a Honda Shadow 750 spirit.I have almost everything done except the back fender which is 9 inches between the fender rails.If you don’t have them could you please tell me where i can find them.I’ve looked at several web sites but can’t seem to find any for my bike. Please help,thank you.

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